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3 Best Free Business Bank Account Options

Managing a business, whether big or small, is no easy feat. Good financial flow is the lifeline of any professional venture as it dictates 40-60% of business growth. That said, having a business bank account is imperative for any business.

It ensures you can receive payments from suppliers and customers, pay your employees, and tax-report. Fortunately, you can get a one-size-fits-all business bank account covering your business needs. The best part? It's free!

Whether you're a small business starting or are actively looking to switch banks, we've listed the top three free business bank accounts you need to look out for in 2022.

Wirebee Business Banking

Ideal for: Small tech-savvy businesses

Top of the list is our very own Wirebee free business bank account.

Wirebee helps businesses' financial operations become more transparent, intuitive, and free.

As a new entrant to the banking market, we offer a range of financial services, including but not limited to:

  • Unlimited virtual cards
  • Two way API integrations with platforms such as QuickBooks, Stripe, etc.
  • Accounts payable automation
  • Seamless online bill payment

These are just a few of the many options we're looking to offer our customer base. As an extra perk, Wirebee provides real-time money transfers and expense reimbursements all under one roof.

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BlueVine Business Banking

Ideal for: Small businesses and small-to-medium-scale enterprises.

Looking for a bank that provides well-rounded interest rates? BlueVine offers a $0 monthly fee and a 0.6% interest rate on deposits under $100k.

With a BlueVine bank account, you don't have to pay the rigorous monthly non-sufficient fund fees other banks insist on charging. In addition, BlueVine doesn't require you to make a minimum deposit when opening your account.


  • It’s free
  • Ability to transact 24/7 online through mobile banking.
  • Ability to make and schedule recurring payments.
  • Presence of 85,000+ GreenDot hubs where you can make deposits.
  • Free checkbook on account opening.


  • A charge of $4.95 for all GreenDot deposit transactions.

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Chase Business Banking

Ideal for: Small businesses looking for a one-size-fits-all banking platform.

With over $3.3 trillion in assets, Chase Bank is the optimal banking partner for small businesses looking for well-packaged financial services under one roof. Chase Bank has access to 15,000+ ATMs across the country with over 4,700 branches country-wide.

As a banking arm of J.P. Morgan, Chase Bank offers its clientele the best free business bank accounts, depending on the business size.

Upon signing up, you get to enjoy lush incentives such as the $300 surplus package when you make deposits of $2,000 in your first 30 days.

Even more appealing are their unrivaled processing rates capped at 2.6% + $0.10/swipe.


  • Personal account linking.
  • Generous account opening bonus.
  • APY set at 0%.


  • Lost bonus if the account balance dips below the minimum within a 60-day timeline.

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From generous account opening incentives to zero monthly payment fees, business bank accounts can vary enormously depending on your business needs. With a myriad of options out there, you need to work with a business bank account that understands your needs and acts as a reliable financial partner.

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